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OFF BELAY - KCCC NewsletterBack in the day, the KCCC periodically printed a newsletter called Off Belay! Below are scanned versions I've managed to get a hold of mainly thanks to long-time member Jim Grace. Thanks for hoarding these for us! 



 2006 - Spring
  •  Club Trip Info to Estes Park, CO
  • "Climbing Clean" by Erik Pohlman
  • "Over the Rainbow" by Jeremy Collins
  • "Zion in Yosemite?: A Tale of Two Parks" by Jesse Gross
  • "Records are Meant to be Broken" by Dennis Stewart
  • ...And much more! 
 More... Coming soon! 

Old Logos

Above: Official patch and pin used by the KCCC during the 1992 expedition to Russia. Third, previous KCCC logo.