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Fall Trip - Sam's Throne

posted Nov 18, 2014, 10:20 AM by Carol Fittell   [ updated Nov 18, 2014, 10:29 AM ]
Sam's Throne

In the weeks leading up to the Fall Trip we had a whopping 3 people signed up and the details were starting to look gruesome. Busy individual schedules kept us from making a recon mission to check out the Palisades of South Dakota ahead of time, and the weather was forecast to be brutally cold. The more we looked into it, ($15/night for a 6 person campsite, $5/person for a weekend climbing permit, park entrance fees, etc.) the more we leaned towards changing the trip location. In the end, we decided to move the trip to Sam's Throne: a well known location with no hidden expenses. (Hopefully we'll get a chance to do a proper recon in the spring and have a well-organized trip then!)

The trip ended up with 7 happy climbers: El Presidente Bryan, myself, Secretary Carl, Peter, Julie, Tim, and Joe. The weather was quite blissful and the campground full, but we snuck in next to a friendly couple who joined our campfire for the night. Friday night we spent some time star gazing out on the bluffs and saw a surprising number of shooting stars. Yay for dark skies! 

Saturday we headed out as a group to the Throne were we hopped on some classics (Diagonal Crack 5.7 and Boston Rag 5.7). Around the corner we found some more KC area climbers where Bryan and I did a little trad mentoring. Bryan then recorded me wimping out on Mike's Crack and unsuccessfully trying to rest on-route before falling out of a flared jam. As usual, I screamed. After encouraging me to go for the red point (which I got) we headed over to Arkansas Reality for Bryan's chance at sending his project. With the beta worked out, he went for the red point, but, ALAS! a hold broke. 

By dark, the burrito bar was set up and Chef Pete was mastering the taco meat. Our neighbors joined us for the feast and fire as we retold the day's adventures. The following day we stayed on the main bluffs with a few classic climbs before heading home from a beautiful weekend at Sam's. Thanks everyone who made it out! 

Happy Climbing!

Carol Fittell
Vice President