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Summer Happenings

posted Aug 12, 2014, 2:22 PM by Kansas City Climbing Community   [ updated Sep 8, 2014, 7:04 AM ]
While it might seem like we've been a bit absent this summer, that's simply not true! The officers and club members have been up to all sorts of behind-the-scenes action. Here's a peak at what's been going on:

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell

If you don't know what Hell is, head on over to www.twofourhell.com and check it out, now! As a brief recap, Hell is a 24 hour climbing competition held annually in late September at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, AR where climbers aim to climb at least 24 (more often 100) routes with no falls while swapping leads with their equally stoked/exhausted partner.


As in years past, KCCC members are gunning for new records. Some of the competitors include President Bryan Schillig with partner (past president) Jesse Gross, past president Jeremy Collins, and many others--if you'd like to add your story here, shoot us an email!

Slip N Slide - HELP NEEDED!

As for what the club is doing more directly for Hell... we're providing a Slip N Slide again this year. We'd love for anyone not competing to volunteer to help setup, run, and tear down the slide on Saturday, September 27th, after the competition. In years past Bryan and Paige have done most of the work after a long weekend of competing. Let's help Bryan out and get this covered for him! If you've never been, the competition is almost like a festival, and is great fun as a spectator event! Shoot us an email at KCClimbingClub@gmail.com if you'd like to volunteer your time to help with the slide. WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

Johana testing the slide in 2013


We've also been working a lot on revitalizing our local crags. In particular we've been working on Cliff Drive in downtown Kansas City and Warsaw on Truman Lake in Missouri. Different issues face each crag, and we're applying for funding through the American Alpine Club in hopes of fulfilling long-lasting upgrades to these beloved areas. If you haven't been out recently to check out these changes... what are you waiting for!?

Cliff Drive

At Cliff Drive, old bolts are being replaced with stainless steel, glue in, wave bolts. New moderate routes have also been put up. Thanks especially to Dakota Walz for his high stoke in the area. Brett Shoffner (the bicycle/pedestrian coordinator for the area) has been working to make Cliff Drive a safer, cleaner place to recreate. Unfortunately, the best option right now is to convince the city to close the gates, barring Cliff Drive from the vehicles that use it's topography to dump their trash and conduct other illegal behavior under the cover of the cliffs and trees. As evidenced on the weekends when the gates are currently closed, closing the gates does a great deal to clean up the area, creating an inviting atmosphere for recreation. With this in mind, we support the closure of the gates to Cliff Drive. Please sign this petition to share your voice as well. 

All of the items listed above are helping to make Cliff Drive a better place. For the grant, we're hoping to receive funding to purchase limestone block to build a retaining wall at the base of the cliff. Currently, invasive species and erosion has degraded the cliff base. A retaining wall will protect the base of the cliff, separate the climbers from the road, create an opening for better viewing of the cliffs, and protect the street and waterways from continual runoff of silt. While this will most directly benefit us as climbers, it also enhances the experience of the drive as it will better showcase the namesake of Cliff Drive. Once funding is secured for the limestone block, two work weekends will be scheduled to get it all in place. Keep an eye out for that day if you're interested in helping make KC a better place to live and play!

Set by Dakota Walz


Located on towering limestone bluffs along the Truman Reservoir in mid Missouri, Warsaw is a moderate sized crag (40+ routes) within an hour and a half from KC. While the location might be hot and humid in the summer, it becomes a prime location in the winter when the sun bounces off the water, warming the cliffs more than elsewhere. In the 90's, the KCCC partnered with the Corps of Engineers to stabilize the trails leading down to the base of the cliffs by the Weenie Buttress and the Washboard area. Rebar steps and ladders are evidence of this long-lasting partnership. In an effort to rekindle and strengthen this relationship, a select few KCCCers plan to meet with the Corps to share with them our rebolting efforts. By changing out the existing bolts for stainless steel glue ins, we're making the crag more sustainable for the long haul as glue ins have a much longer lifespan than the existing expansion bolts. During this rebolting and education initiative, we'll be replacing bolts in the existing locations to minimize impact on the crag (except where a new location is deemed safer or less damaging).


As most of you probably know, we voted in a new logo this summer. KCCCers really came through with an awesome selection of designs. The polls showed that you guys loved two designs so much that we had to use them both! The design that will be the face of the KCCC for the foreseeable future is the chevron design shown on this page, designed by Rob Rice. In case you missed it, the coloration and orientation of the KCCC is reminiscent of the layers of a mountain... pretty cool, huh!?
Rob Rice Design

Thomas Krempa also came out with a great design featuring a silhouetted climber, the industrial KC skyline, and a hint of the Royal's lettering in the flowing KCCC. Stickers (3") have already gone to print for the KCCC community. These stickers will also be showing up in the 24HHH swag bags! KCCC - represent!
Thomas Krempa Design

Finally, a shirt is in the works featuring the chevron logo on front (think corporate left chest) and the circle design on back. More details will be shared as they are finalized.

Upcoming Events


Knotty Games
@ Ibex Climbing Gym
7pm, August 28th
Will plan the Fall Trip, too!

Fall Trip

Time and place TBD at the meeting, so show up to cast your vote! Devil's Lake, the Wichitas, where will we go this fall!?

Reel Rock

7pm, September 4th
Backwoods is hosting this amazing climbing film tour again this year at The Cave!
Feature film this year is about the historical climbing scene of Yosemite. Guaranteed to get your palms sweating!

Ladies' Trip

Usually we only do one Ladies' Trip a year, but I've received so many requests I'm hosting a second.
September 12-14
Fern, AR <--- beautiful little canyon with a clear creek running through the middle
Shoot me an email to sign up: cfittell@gmail.com


Anchor Rigging - How to analyze and rig an anchor setup for top rope on bolts. These skills all expand quite easily to trad anchors as well!
Belaying From the Top - How to belay up a "second" or "follower" from the anchors. A good skill on the way to multipitch.
All clinics are pending permission from Monster Mountain but hope to be September.
Shoot us an email if there are other clinics you'd like to see offered! I'll try to deliver!

Hope the summer's been treating you as well as it's been treating me. I'm off to conquer the Diamond next week. Pray to the weather gods for me!

Happy Trails,

Carol Fittell